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Teaching English through the Bible – an Evangelistic Approach on 9 Feb, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Course date: 9 Feb 2013

Time: 10am to 4pm

Venue: International Christian College, 110 St James Road, Glasgow 

This course equips teachers and missionaries with an innovative method that integrates the student-centred, TESL teaching methodology in teaching the English Bible. By upholding the literary value of the English Bible, students, including non-Christians, are more engaged in learning the Bible as great literature. Teaching English through the Bible is a time-honoured way in introducing Christian concepts in various settings, including campus, mission fields, churches etc. It has proven success in creative ac…cess countries, i.e. countries where creative means are needed to do Christian work. In this full-day training, the audience will learn how to conduct mission work in a cultural sensitive way, based on an evangelistic English enhancement course (ACE course). Trainees who complete the course will be able to teach English through Bible in their own homes or at churches with confidence. 

Target audience
Those interested in local or overseas cross-cultural mission work, church ministers, campus workers, seminary school students, language lovers 

Medium of instruction: English

1. Overview of the Cultural Influences of the Bible in Paintings, Movies, Poems and Songs 
2. Methodology in Teaching English Expressions and Rhetorical devices through the Bible 
3. How to Create Bible-based Lesson Plans for English Classes according to Different Ages and Backgrounds
4. Case Studies and Practical Issues in English Teaching as a Cross-Cultural Ministry / Introduction of ACE course*

An ACE Course Practitioner’s Certificate will be issued upon submission of assignment.

Instructor: Jenny Wong, Assistant Professor, Beijing Normal University, Hong Kong Baptist University- United International College; Chief Executive Director, Society for English Learning through Biblical Literature (SELBL Ltd http://www.selbl.org/), PhD Candidate in Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow

Handouts will be provided to seminar participants. Light lunch will be provided.

Fee: GBP15 (unwaged, church workers, missionaries), GBP30 for others
Deadline: 2 February, 2013

Registration and Enquiries: 
Pastor Chima Dioka (pastorchima@hotmail.co.uk/ 07724652268)
Akuro Alabo (bigalabo@yahoo.com )
Jenny Wong (wyjenny@gmail.com)
Website: http://www.selbl.org/
The event is organized by Society for English Learning through Biblical Literature in partnership with Deeper Life Bible Church

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