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Training: “English teaching and evangelism” Certificate course on 3 Dec 2011 (Sat)

We are pleased to announce that there will be a full-day certificate training course on “English teaching and evangelism” on 3 Dec 2011.

There are two categories with regards to this certificate course:

1. ACE Course Teacher Certificate Course (attendees of 3rd Dec training will be subject to a praciticum during which they will teach the ACE course in churches or schools for 10 lessons. Attendees will be granted the ACE Course Teacher certificate subject to satisfactory performance in the practicum. Lesson observation will be provided).

2. ACE Course Practitioner Certificate Course (attendes of 3rd Dec training will be granted a ACE Course Practitioner certificate automatically)

Course details are as follows:

Instructor: Jenny Wong (Assistant Professor, Beijing Normal
University-Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College)

Course description:
Do you know that a lot of modern day expressions come from the Bible? The Bible is a source of inspiration for writers like Shakespeare and a major source of English idioms. If you “go the extra mile to help your friend, “eat, drink and be merry” during happy hours, you are quoting from
the Bible.

In this course, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the English Bible by learning its idiomatic expressions, rhetorical devices and influence in the Western world. Towards the end of the course, you will learn how to apply such knowledge in conducting English classes or interest groups with biblical references in schools, churches or family settings.

Course outline:

9-11am: Cultural Influences of the Bible 

11-1pm: English Expressions in the Bible and Rhetorical devices in the Bible

2-4pm: Methodology in teaching English through Bible

4-6pm: How to launch ACE course. Issues in Cross-cultural missions

Target audience: Christians, particularly those interested in teaching
Bible courses and/or English 

Date: 3 Dec (Sat) 2011

Time: 9am – 6pm

HK$500 for ACE Course Practitioner Certificate (20% discount for alumni of HKSTM)
HK$1000 for ACE Course Teacher Certificate  (including 10 lesson observations, 20% discount for alumni of HKSTM)
Venue: Hong Kong Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre, 7/F Citimark, Siu Lek Yuen, Sha Tin City One Station, New Territories
Enrollment method: Please fill out the form as attached and fax it at
852-2751 7444, or call Ms Ho at 2751 7744 for queries.

Enroll now to avoid disappointment!

Download registration form here:

Registration form: upload//鍊嬩汉浣堥亾鍫卞悕琛



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