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The Bible has been the most influential text in all of Western culture. It's difficult to understand medieval or early modern or much of modern literature without knowing it...

Prof. Barbara Newman, Northwestern University
from 2006 Bible Literary project


It's not that it's impossible to read some writers without a Biblical background, but that you would miss a whole dimension to their work.

Prof. Steven Goldsmith, University of California at Berkeley
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


I can only say that if a student doesn't know any Bible literature, he or she will simply not understand whole elements of Shakespeare, Sidney, Spenser, Milton, Pope, Wordsworth

Prof. Robert Kiely, Harvard University
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


...there is truth in the remark. "without Tyndale[Bible translator], no Shakespeare"...

Prof. David Daniell, University College London
from The Bible in English


You can't really study Western literature intelligently or coherently without starting with the Bible.

Prof. Gerald L. Bruns, University of Notre Dame
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


...a familiar understanding of Christian doctrine in historical perspective thus contributes to a fuller appreciation of Shakespeare's art, but Shakespeare's art

Prof. Roland M. Frye
from Shakespeare and the Christian Doctrine


In English tradition and also for an American tradition begun by Puritan writers, a knowledge of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is even more crucial than classical references.

Prof. Ulrich Knoefplmacher, Princeton University
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


There is no book more important for our culture than the Bible, and it is fundametal to the study of English literature and language.

Prof. David Jasper and Prof. Stephen Prickett
from the Bible and literature

My brother’s keeper (创 4:9)

图片说明: Cain
图片版权: V.


Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9) “耶和华对该隐说,你兄弟亚伯在哪里?他说,我不知道,我岂是看守我兄弟 的吗?”(创4:9)


现在,人们尝试隐瞒事实或是逃避责任时,会说“Am I my brother’s keeper?”。Brother’s keeper则指某人的监护人。


亚当与夏娃诞下长子该隐,然后诞下亚伯。他门虽然同为亚当的孩子,但上帝更看重该隐的弟弟亚伯,因亚伯供奉的是烤炙的肥羊,而该隐供奉的只是水果。该隐妒忌亚伯,在田间杀了他。后来,上帝问该隐:「 你的兄弟亚伯在哪里?」该隐为了逃避责任,有技巧地反问道:“难道我是看顾弟弟的人吗?(Am I my brother’s keeper?)”上帝其实早就知道是谁杀了亚伯——因上帝听到了亚伯在地下发出的哭声,并诅咒了亚伯被杀的那片土地。


On World’s AIDS Day 2006, Barack Obama gave the following speech: “…we can embrace another tradition to our politics and our community—a tradition…that based on simple ideas that we got a stake in each other – that I am my brother’s keeper, and I am my sister’s keeper, and that binds us together greater than it drives us apart.” 在2006年世界爱滋病日,奥巴马的演说中提到:“我们可以在政治及社区的层面上拥抱另一传统-此传统乃基于我们与各人各事息息相关的原则-也就是我是兄弟的监护人,也是姐妹的监护人,这传统把我们凝聚在一起,多于把我们分隔。


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