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The Bible has been the most influential text in all of Western culture. It's difficult to understand medieval or early modern or much of modern literature without knowing it...

Prof. Barbara Newman, Northwestern University
from 2006 Bible Literary project


It's not that it's impossible to read some writers without a Biblical background, but that you would miss a whole dimension to their work.

Prof. Steven Goldsmith, University of California at Berkeley
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


I can only say that if a student doesn't know any Bible literature, he or she will simply not understand whole elements of Shakespeare, Sidney, Spenser, Milton, Pope, Wordsworth

Prof. Robert Kiely, Harvard University
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


...there is truth in the remark. "without Tyndale[Bible translator], no Shakespeare"...

Prof. David Daniell, University College London
from The Bible in English


You can't really study Western literature intelligently or coherently without starting with the Bible.

Prof. Gerald L. Bruns, University of Notre Dame
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


...a familiar understanding of Christian doctrine in historical perspective thus contributes to a fuller appreciation of Shakespeare's art, but Shakespeare's art

Prof. Roland M. Frye
from Shakespeare and the Christian Doctrine


In English tradition and also for an American tradition begun by Puritan writers, a knowledge of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is even more crucial than classical references.

Prof. Ulrich Knoefplmacher, Princeton University
from 2006 Bible Literary Project


There is no book more important for our culture than the Bible, and it is fundametal to the study of English literature and language.

Prof. David Jasper and Prof. Stephen Prickett
from the Bible and literature


每课都会围绕一段包含多个惯用俚语或修辞技巧的圣经篇章展开。同时,每课都带有一个特定主题(如:试探、爱)与学生进行深入讨论。每个课时一般为一到一个半小时,可根据学生讨论的深入程度进行适当调整。我们的课后评估显示,学生对英语、圣经及基督教文化的兴趣都大为提高,亦更愿意使用英语交流。学员交付的200港币订金会在其参加完8个课时后退还。同时,学员只要参加超过8堂课(总共10堂),都会获得由圣经英语文学促进会(SELBL)颁发的证书。如有老师希望在自己的学校或者教会开展此课程,也十分欢迎这些老师来进行视学。 要求:具备中等以上英语水平(高中或以上)时间:2011年10月18日(试听课)共10周;晚上6点半至8点地点:佐敦道14-16号嘉信楼1层C、D座,基督中心堂(佐敦地铁站) 报名方法:第一堂课时缴纳200港币订金(完整参加完8堂课后回全额退还),学员可在10月18号试听课后决定是否参加整期课程。 更多详情,请浏览以下课程海报:ACE course registration form and flyer

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