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SELBL is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization. 

The making of this website is totally a volunteer project – from writing the idioms, to editing and translating, to making the lesson plans. It is the volunteers that make SELBL happen! 

We need volunteers such as:

Contributors who love to share their poems, songs or other original Christian works
Translators to translate idioms and names into different language versions
Editors to review the translation and write-ups
Teachers to contribute lesson plans that help people learn English through the Bible

It is our vision this website can become truly global, so that people coming from non-English speaking countries can learn idioms quickly and effectively by understanding their origins written in their mother tongue. 

Whoever, whichever country you are from, YOU can make this happen!

Volunteer teaching

SELBL organizes English camps and English corners from time to time to help people learn English more effectively by reading the source of inspiration of great writers – the Bible. 

Setting up English corners

Whichever part of the globe you are, if you are to set up an English corner in your school or workplace, you are more than welcome to contact us for advice. We hope that our vision is reached globally, while touching the hearts locally.

Teaching in English camps

SELBL sends volunteers to teach English in places where English is a foreign language. In 2009, we lead a team of volunteers to teach English in China.

Since 2014, we have organized  English camps in different countries including Turkey, Israel, Jordan etc. Please click here for more details. Please click here for more details. Promotion video available here:

Volunteer activities such as these will be organized on a regular basis. Stay tuned and join us as members to receive regular updates on our upcoming volunteering opportunities!

Download summer camp volunteer application form here.

Download church recommendation form here.

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A lot of phrases, such as "two-edged sword" and " an eye for an eye", are taken from the English Bible. Learning the stories behind these idioms is fun, and can help boost your vocabulary. Click here to find out now!

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What's in a name?

Common names such as Joseph and Rachel have their origins in the Bible. Want to know their stories before picking the right name for yourself? Click here to find out.