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The Mark Drama – The First Show in Asia!

The Mark Drama is coming to Asia, Hong Kong and Macau, for the first time in Easter 2012! 

The performance schedule is as follows: 

Macau : 6 April (Friday) 5pm – English performance, 730pm – Cantonese performance

Venue: Macau Assembly of God Church 

Hong Kong : 7 April (Saturday) 330pm – English performance, 730pm – Cantonese performance

Venue: Youth Square, Y-Studio, Chai Wan MTR Exit A 

The Mark Drama from UK

The Mark Drama is originally directed by Andrew Page in the UK in the beginning, and now, under his training, directors in Europe have staged The Mark Drama regularly in churches and on campuses. It has received both critical and popular acclaim from audience. The drama has already performed in UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain. 

Changing people’s life in 90 minutes

The Mark Drama, as its name suggests, is about the Gospel of Mark, which is considered as the earliest book written in the New Testament and also the most dramatic books.  The drama does not need props, costumes or narrators for the production, but the compact plot and touching dialogue still has relevance in today’s society even though it was written in more than 2000 years ago.  A team of 15 actors and actresses will present incidents of Mark’s Gospel vividly and powerfully to audiences in only 90 minutes. 

Poster of both performances can be viewed here:


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