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Olive branch (Genesis 8:11)

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Today, the olive has become a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

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Olive is synonymous with “peace” in these days. Do you know why?
In Noah’s times, the flood kept coming for forty days and nights and wiped out all living things except Noah and those with him in the ark. The water stayed there for a hundred and fifty days. Noah first sent a raven to test the water level. It kept flying back and forth because it could not find a place to rest its foot. Then Noah sent a dove, it could not find a place to set its foot. Seven days later, he sent out the dove again, and this time, it came back with an olive leaf! Today, the olive has since then become a symbol of peace and reconciliation. It is a sign that God reconciled with mankind after the flood.
In the Nobel Prize Museum in Sweden, the symbol of olive branch is used to represent the Nobel Prize for Peace.



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